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Friday, January 2, 2009

Herbie Hancock Discography

Herbie Hancock: An Introduction
Herbie Hancock is a true icon of modern music. Throughout his explorations, he has transcended limitations and genres while still maintaining his unique, unmistakable voice. Herbie's success at expanding the possibilities of musical thought has placed him in the annals of this century's visionaries. With an illustrious career spanning five decades, he continues to amaze audiences and never ceases to expand the public's vision of what music, particularly jazz, is all about today.

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Headhunters without Herbie!


Sideman Discography

Simon says : OK, this might be too massive an idea, but I'll just start adding sideman albums when I feel like it. Please leave blog links or upload things in the comments, that might have a lot to do with how far this gets ... have barely started on the Miles, for example ... want to help?

Thanks Fresh Sly for your hard work on this discography.


Simon666 said...

Hey Fresh Sly and Self Science, superb work here, will come back and fill some gaps soon.

Simon666 said...

Added a link to "Herbie Hancock - 30 live bootlegs" at my blog.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Simon

Simon666 said...

Added a link to
Jazz Africa [live] (Verve 1986)

Simon666 said...

Added a link to "Kawaida", which is mainly credited to Mtume rather than Hancock, though strangely has had some re-releases under Hancock's name. Hancock does play on it, but it's clearly more of a Mtume thing.

Simon666 said...

Added an entry/link for :

Herbie Hancock Trio (CBS, 1981)

This is different to the 1977 "Herbie Hancock Trio" album.

Added a "miscellaneous" section.
In there I've put :

- Herbie Hancock demonstrates the Fender rhodes (flexidisc)

- Freddie Hubbard / Stanley Turrentine Live in Concert (1975, CTI). This was in the albums list before - Hancock features heavily on it, but it's not under his name.

Simon666 said...

Added entries and links for :

Possibilities (2005)
River : The Joni Letters (2007)

jcmoss33 said...

AWESOME JOB!!! You guys really, really go above and beyond the call of duty. Plus, you continually post music to your site. It's much appreciated. A belated Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to you all as well as a Happy New Year. PEace

jcmoss33 said...

This Herbie Hancock "stuff" is pretty amazing. Thanks again.

Simon666 said...

Hi jcmoss :)

Added a FLAC link to "Thrust" (1974)

Reza said...

Hey dont forget this one :)

Simon666 said...

Ta Reza, added an entry, also fascinated with the AMG previews, would love to hear the album.

cheeba said...

Sweet discography guys, thanks!

Simon, some more blanks for you to fill:

Canteloupe Island

Jammin' with Herbie

Gershwin's World (Polygram)

Simon666 said...

cheeba cheeba cheeba
thankyou thankyou thankyou :)

Simon666 said...

... and everyone check out cheeba's great blog at

cheeba said...

aw shucks...thx for the plug Simon

BTW, overlooked this one since it wasn't in my HH folder:

Third Plane

It was originally released on Milestone in '77. The year is correct on the Ron Carter discog at AMG but they have Original Jazz Classics as the label.

The Tony Williams entry also gives the imprint as Carrere but the year is '82.

Simon666 said...

Thanks Cheeba - I've linked it up under the original Milestone date.

Anonymous said...

Here's a set by Hancock and Santana (1981)
(Herbie with the Carlos Santana Band) at the Camilo y Florecita blog:



P.D.: how about the discographie by two of my alltime favorites vocal groups: Chi-lites and Little Anthony & The Imperials?

Simon666 said...

Hey Soulero, thanks for the info. That show is already included if you click the link above to "Herbie Hancock - 33 Live bootlegs. I've added your link as an alternate source for the show.

I've actually added two new shows to that page today, see the base of the comments there ...

Simon666 said...

Check this "new" 1974 Hancock bootleg @ my blog :

Anonymous said...

Herbie Hancock - Chick Corea
In Concert 2 CD (1979)

Simon666 said...

Thanks dvoid !

Miles said...

Here's a link for Herbie's contribution to 'Jingle Bell Jazz.'

Recorded: NYC, Jan. 14, 1969
Produced: Teo Macero
Arranged: Jay Cee

Herbie Hancock & Chick Corea/Pianos
Al Caiola/Guitar
George Duvivier/Bass
Ed Shaughnesy/Drums
Dave Carey/Vibes
Woody Shaw/Trumpet
Frank Wess/Sax
Jimmy Cleveland/Trombone

Simon666 said...

Thanks Miles!
That's quite a lineup ....
Added to 'Miscellaneous' section

Simon666 said...

New category : Video.

Added : "Future 2 Future Live" (2002).

Use the megaupload links if you go there.

Simon666 said...

A few discography updates :

In the main albums, I removed the entries for two albums :

"Love me by name" (1975) was a Lesley Gore album produced by Quincy Jones. Hancock plays keyboards on it. Allmusicguide has a database error where they've got two entries, one under Gore's name, one under Hancock. This mistake has been copied into a lot of online discographies, so people sometimes think it's a Hancock album.

Same deal with "Happy the Man", they're a group, Hancock doesn't play on that one at all.

Simon666 said...

Also ... this is probably too big an idea, but I started a Hancock sideman discography section. Just filling it in when I get time, but if people want to help with blog links, just add here in this format :

(year) - (artist) - (title)
(blog link)

just like in the entries above. Let's see if we can get some interactive blog stuff going :)

Simon666 said...

OK ...

Main albums :

FLAC version of "Maiden Voyage" added.

Two more albums moved out of main discography down to the sideman discography :

# Double Rainbow (Columbia 1981)
# By All Means (MPS 1981)

Sideman discography is currently 111 albums, but that's still nothing .... Mr Hancock has always been a busy guy

Simon666 said...

Sideman discography up to 137 albums ..

Simon666 said...

FLAC versions added to Hancock albums :

Sextant (Columbia 1972)

River : The Joni Letters (2007)

Simon666 said...

Great new addition to main discography :

# V.S.O.P (Columbia 1976) - (V.S.OP., Headhunters, Mwandishi)

"As Herbie Hancock stuff goes this one isn't that easy to get. I've never seen any other reissue than this Sony Japan one; it was issued on a double LP in the states back in 1977 (good luck finding one of those). The recording is from a concert at the New York City Center in June of 1976 that was entitled 'Celebrating Herbie Hancock'. The show took place in three parts starting with the first VSOP quintet featuring Wayne Shorter, Ron Carter, Tony Williams and Freddie Hubbard. That section takes up all of disc 1. Disc 2 begins with a spectacular set from the Mwandishi Sextet (Buster is jaw dropping) and finishes with a Headhunters set that doesn't include all of the original band but it's pretty damn cool anyway. I can't really see what else you need to know here, classic high end music, the Mwandishi Sextet portion is particularly essential, so have at it campers."

Simon666 said...

New VIDEO added :

# 2002 - The Jazz Channel Presents Herbie Hancock (BET Jazz, avi)
01. Introduction; Fascinating Rhythm [8:06]
02. St. Louis Blues [17:26]
03. Cotton Tail [14:27]
04. Blueberry Rhyme [4:18]
05. The Man I Love [6:40]
06. Here Come de Honey Man [3:33]
07. Cantaloupe Island [8:24]
08. One Finger Snap [18:18]
09. Maiden Voyage; End Credits [23:42]

Simon666 said...

For those interested ....

I've just posted a 1974 Herbie Hancock bootleg recording at my blog, great funky version of "Chameleon" etc , get it here, or check out all 44 Hancock bootlegs here

Anonymous said...

There's realease you need...
Herbie Hancock, Thad Jones, Ron Carter, Jerome Richardson, Grady Tate, Jonathan Klein - Hear, O Israel - A Prayer Ceremony In Jazz[2008] Recorded in New York in 1968 and originally released on a private label.

with best wishes , sinceourly yours,Vel_Kam.

Simon666 said...

Thanks very much Vel_Kam, "Hear O Israel" is a fascinating album!

I've also added a link in the comps for "The Essential Herbie Hancock" (2Cd, FLAC, 840mb)

Simon666 said...

Just added alternates @ 320kbps for :

# Herbie Hancock - Head Hunters (1973) (1997 Remaster) - @320

# Herbie Hancock - Future Shock (1983) (1999 Remaster) - @320

# Herbie Hancock - Sound System (1984) (1999 Remaster) - @320

# Herbie Hancock - Perfect Machine (1988) (1999 Remaster) - @320

Simon666 said...

New Hancock bootleg @ mine :

NDR Studios, 1970. Two hours!

Simon666 said...

New addition to Miscellaneous :

# "Hancock Island - The Music Of Herbie Hancock" (2009) - Buster Williams, Lenny White, George Colligan, Steve Wilson)

Simon666 said...

New SINGLES section :

"Bring Down The Birds" (B-Boy edit / original) - (sample source for Deelite's "Groove Is In the Heart" bassline)

Simon666 said...

Added to SINGLES :

# 12" : "Tell Everybody" (1979)
# 12" : "Knee Deep" (1979)

Simon666 said...

FLAC link added for "Live Under the Sky" (1979)

Simon666 said...

Added to compilations :

The Herbie Hancock Box (4 Cds, lossless)

Anonymous said...

Hey, boys!
two links for The Headhunters if you need...
The Headhunters - Survival Of The Fittest (1975)
password: SFJ.blog_thsotf1975

alternative 320 kbs

The Headhunters - Straight From The Gate (1977)
LP-high guolitie rip


Simon666 said...

Thanks Vel_Kam :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Simon666, first time see, that "Straight From the Gate" was created without Herbie!.. But witch
there is face black man with glasses on front plan of art cover the album there??

Anonymous said...

I forget introduce myself,last comment said Vel_Kam ;)

Simon666 said...

Hey Vel_Kam -
That's Bennie Maupin, the reeds player.

Anonymous said...

Thanks , Simon666...I know, that I nothing know...

cheeba said...

Hey Guys!

Just checkin' in w/ some alternates I ran across in the last few days

Village Life can also at porco rosso's Guitar and the Wind:

Flageolette has also thrown down some HH in nice 320:

Man Child




Feet Don't Fail Me Now

Mr. Hands

cheeba said...

ps, forgot to mention that porco has provided in FLAC as usual, with nice scans

Simon666 said...

thanks cheeba, all linked :)

Javier de Jujuy said...

Great work !!!! I can t download O Israel and i would really love to hear it , can you upload it anywhere else ??? . They say that the file has been downloaded 10 times etc......Thanks a lot !!!

Simon666 said...

Hi Javier, new link up

Arkadin said...

Terry Plumeri - He Who Lives In Many Places (1971)

Terry Plumeri - bass
Herbie Hancock - piano, Fender Rhodes
John Abercrombie - guitar
Michael Smith - drums, percussion
Eric Gravatt - percussion

Simon666 said...

Added ... and downloading!
Thanks Sherlock, don't know how you do it ,,,, but you do it!

Arkadin said...

My Google-implant found one another with Herbie on it (linup looks impressive!):

Cheers, mate!

Simon666 said...

Thanks Arkadin, added - looks interesting. I think this sideman discog will remain one of those great unfinished projects ... but I do add them when I come across them, so keep adding, much appreciated :)

mf76 said...

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Simon666 said...

Hi folks, I've posted the 1974 PBS Soundstage show with Herbie Hancock, Headhunters, Chick Corea and Return to Forever. You can download the one hour video or just get an audio version, here :

I've also added a link to the video section here.


Interested ?

Simon666 said...

Thanks Lysergic :)
Added to the sideman discog (great record everyone, check it out)

Vel_Kam said...

Hey ,Guys! I see link for V.S.O.P. the Quintet: Tempest in the Colosseum[live] (CBS / Sony 1977) missing...
This is there -

Simon666 said...

Thanks Vel_Kam, linked up :)

Vel_Kam said...

sorry my mistake -ytre right workin' link:

Simon666 said...

thanks vel-kam, fixed :)

Vel_Kam said...

Hi,Simon! There is link for -HH_ Mr. Funk(2001)

Vel_Kam said...

Possibilities (2005) @ 320

Simon666 said...

Thanks vel_kam :)

Simon666 said...

Added :

The Imagine Project (2010)

Quartet Live (1988-1992)

Simon666 said...

Added to video :

Herbie Hancock And The New Standard Allstars Live At Kawaguchi Lake Jazz Festival Japan 03-08-1996 (2009)

Simon666 said...

Added FLAC link for "The Imagine Project" (2010)

Arkadin said...

Here's another (very unusual) entry for Herbie's discog as sideman:

Last Exit - The Noise of Trouble (Live in Japan), 1986

Herbie's only on one track however I found it worth mentioning as you wouldn't expect him to play on a noisy sort of metal-jazz album... ;)

Simon666 said...

Thanks Arkadin, added.

But you know ... following Herbie's recent trajectories ... Joni Mitchell, John Lennon etc .... i think his OWN metal jazz album may not be that far away .... :)

Arkadin said...

@Simon That wouldn't surprise me at all! Also expect him to collab with Lady Gaga some time soon: Future Shock revisited (Timbaland autotune remix)... Oh my! ;)

Dr.Jellyfish said...

Great work!

Here's a gift for you:

Herbie Hancock V.S.O.P. (1976)

(greetings from Sardinia)

maksym said...

In his interview with Gilles Peterson Herbie said that there was a record on which he played under a pseudonym because he was already signed to another label. Any chance somebody knows which record is it?

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