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Monday, March 19, 2012

Peace Fans

I hope everyone is doing ok. I just wanted to thank everyone for supporting Blax-Jive. This blog has came a long way since we first started. I know that several post need to be updated and I have plans in doing that. As everyone is aware that several third party hosting sites has been shutdown and thus Blax-Jive have been collateral damage, but thanks to the continuous efforts by my good friends Zand, Vel-Kam and Simon -several posts are on separate accounts. That means the blog is not dead by any means.

I know people have request and I would love to fulfill them, but right now time does not permit me to update the blog. In the past we have had contributors that had a request for certain groups and sent the information over email (with active links), so I could make a post. If the community is willing contributions are always accepted.

Once again I want to thank everyone for their continuous support. I have no intentions on putting ads or any negative capitalistic advertising on this blog. This blog is purely informational and I intend on maintaining that theme. I will keep everyone informed and I am sure my buddies will keep you blessed with that funk and soul.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson Aug. 29, 1958-June 25, 2009

Post by Mr. Wone from Blax-Pride
For anyone who was born in the 70's which would probably be most of us who deify this genre, we didn't emotionally connect with the loss of cultural icons like Elvis Presley and John Lennon.

Once we Blaxploitation enthusiasts received expiration notices of musical legends James Brown, Isaac Hayes, Barry White, Curtis Mayfield, Willie Hutch and Norman Whitfield during the past 10 years, we were saddened but "prepared".

This loss took us all by surprise because of our "natural icon timer". We "expect" Fred Astaire, Muhammad Ali, Bob Hope, Ted Williams, etc. to live well into the 80's, right?

Can we answer the question of why we believed that?

What is apparent in this current state is the demonization of Michael Jackson that remains even after news of his passing.

If he is The King Of Pop, then in America we are all the Kings and Queens of Judgment, Criticism, and Hypocrisy.

Media contains the pronouns "me" and "i" and that is the primary target in making that communication medium relevant. We search for information and whoever may be the first to give it, we base a belief on it by default unproven or not.

Pass judgement and critique beyond its belief and will allow a perception to become a fact without any research of our own.

Watch the news in coverage of his passing and incessantly hear about his personal choices and financial assets alongside his legacy.

Click on the image link in the Google search engine for Michael Jackson and see the top photos (mugshot, trial photos).

Fascinating how adversity becomes the definition of an icon. No new thing but Michael was representative of it.

The obsession to attach error and flaw to his legend is the same brand of evil he expressly attempted to escape which began at the end of each curtain call in touring the world over for four decades.

As much as he appeared as family to us all and we have personal memories connected to each video and awards performance, we could NEVER relate to him.

His humanity was forfeited at 6 years old to bring us the magic and mystique that shook and shocks us to the day we received this news.

Labeling him and saying "he's only human" is not a way to forgive the perpetual judgements and character analysis on a figure we could not relate to on a personal level.

We can go to the zoo, Disneyland, a movie theater, buy groceries and gadgets in department stores. Have you had paparazzi shooting pictures of you while you were in a bathroom stall?

Probably not.

People speak of his complicated life without ever experiencing a shred of it.

The tragedy in this moment was and forever will be Michael Jackson died a classic death at the hands of the people for which he lived for.

Exaltation followed by vilification and then the mutual shock as if there actually was a surprise in his departure.

He was written off by society and public opinion.

Look at MTV and see if you there's any sign of life that MJ resurrected that network from the dead when they would play no Black acts in the early 80's.

Watch BET. Soul Train. Network television. Hip-hop.

They all say "I was inspired by watching Michael Jackson" but then their lyrics include "b$%^ come suck my %$# and tell me you like it" (not all artists...... just the majority).

You've heard no samples or remakes sung by Akon or rapped by Lil' Wayne (you will hear some posthumous bullshit now but it's too late).

Chris Brown did a 30 second rendition of Billie Jean during an MTV performance but he couldn't keep his hands to hisself enough to spark some sort of kindling reminiscent of The King's eternal fire.

"I feel like I knew him"..... You don't.

"He was like family"........ He wasn't.

"He meant the world to me"........... Enough to take the world from him.

"This is a horribly sad day".......... Nowhere near to the Santa Barbara mugshot plastered all over the news. The unnecessary handcuffing we saw from the Fox News helicopter. The airtime Michael felt he needed to buy to disclose the treatment he received from the police saying "they took photos of my penis".

That's unfathomable in the entertainment world to have reached a plateau so unprecedented and to receive that "King" treatment (Don, Rodney, and Dr. Martin Luther that is).

What's even more "horribly worse of a day" is that currently there are biological fathers exploiting, sexually/mentally verbally abusing their own children toxifying that child's adult life and distorting their perceptions of sexuality from one hand slide under the cover. That's a horribly sad life worldwide that exists unpunished.

The point I'm making is that he was never guilty of those charges but publicly he had been charged and associated with sexual deviance of minors for the past 15 years.

Under the court of American law and the lawless lawmakers whose job it is of theirs to uphold it, they assumed him guilty until the charges were dismissed. Opinion has always been given more credence over truth anyway.

Let's kill the majesty and magic of Michael by allowing accusations to fester as possibility within our psyche.

How rich is that of us?

No culture has more of a fear and demonization of sexuality than America.

No culture retains a more sexual perversion and sexist/gender/racist base than America.

Mike got the key thrown away of the padlock trapping him in all forms of general judgment.

Plastic surgery locked him in, losing his childhood locked him in, a universal appreciation and humanitarian boundlessness from the fans locked him in. Fishbowl abnormalities and an infatuated obsession of the press witch-hunting him locked him in......

He was ripe for the pickin' and no one was there in defense when we killed him in the mid-90's.

Michael Jordan. Bruce Lee. Muhammad Ali. Michael Tyson. They all made a complete overhaul in changing their game but each was a student of the greatness preceded and they personified their style to create something uncommon, extraordinary and unattainable.

Michael changed the vocal range. The dance moves. The quality of music production. The music video. The awards show appearance. The perfection and professionalism in performance. The fashion. The "accessory game" with the beaded socks, high waters, glove, baby hair pumpin'.

He was CHANGE incarnate.

We haven't.

We loved him........ but, did you really?

Here at Blaxploitation Pride on behalf of Funkback and Self-Science, we send a big tribute to the King Of Pop and be sure to be on the ready for a special Blaxploitation Jive Legends Post in his honor.

Mr. Wone

Monday, May 4, 2009

Peace Fans

I think its time that Blax-Jive move on from strictly blaxploitation contributing artist to just legendary artist in general. I will be posting the biographies here instead of Blax-Pride if the artist in non-blaxploitation related. I will do a test post of Millie Jackson and we will see how it transpires from there.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Simon Appreciation Post

I want everyone to take the time to thank our friend Simon for his great work on the blog. He has really done a wonderful job in keeping this place organized and worked very hard to relink several albums.

Also I want to thank the blog world for contributing to the blog as well. We have something special going on here.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Blax- Jive's Basement: The Crates

These are the crates. A place where I will be dumping links for you to search and download. No user comments will be allowed mainly because I want to keep this clean from conjestion. Keep a check every now again to see what has been put in the basement. Enjoy.

Monday, August 11, 2008

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